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Hi, I'm Michelle!

I love Kawaii drawings, paper planners, paper printables, clear stamps, digital stamps, stickers and all things arts/crafts. So you can say I’m a planner girl. If you are wondering, a “planner girl” in the way I’m using it, is just any female who loves planning her day out in her planner.

This usually also involves decorating your planner with stickers, clear stamps, digital stamps, washi and the list can go on. So if you write your daily schedule in a planner, you might want to add a fun sticker on the page to brighten up your day. 🙂

In my blog you are going to see me talk about all of the above. I’ve been doing this as a hobby for years now, so I thought I would make a website to share some of my experiences. I just love to make myself a cup a tea and take my planner out. Then the fun begins!

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A binder that says it's a planner thing - a planner life

In the planner community a lot of people have more than one planner. You know you have a lot of planners when you look at another planner and think, “Now how can I use this one?”

I was in the Michael’s store and saw this sticker binder or black binder from Krissyanne Designs and I just had to get it because it describes a planner life. It says, “It’s A Planner Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.” Now if you are into your planner and planning then you know what I’m talking about. My husband doesn’t understand why I’m so crazy about planners, printables and planner accessories!

A passion of mine is printables!!! Who doesn’t love a nice printable in their planner? I put some of my letter size printables either in my Big Happy Planner or into a homemade planner I made (which is just a white binder from the dollar store with a cover on it). 🙂

Printables make my planner so exciting! So I just love printables because they help you plan for almost all occasions. You will see me give away a lot of my printables for free! So you will want to be subscribed to my newsletter because you just don’t know what free printable that you will be getting that day!

A printable in a planner - a planner life
Kawaii picture of me - a planner life

Thank-you for stopping by and I hope you found something useful on this website.

Have a great day! 🙂


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