Free Black Friday Shopping List Printable

shopping bags - grab a free black friday shopping list printableSo how do you get prepared for Black Friday? Grab your free Black Friday shopping list printable (see below) and start making a list of all those goodies that you want!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of something that I would like to get and I say to myself that I’ll save it for a Black Friday sale. Did I write it down? No. Did I remember it? No.

So that is why I came up with a free shopping wish list printable that you can write down what you want throughout the year.  You can find that free printable located here and another one specifically for Black Friday located at the bottom of this article.

I get so excited when I think about all the great Black Friday sales that are going to be happening.

So here are a few Black Friday shopping tips to help prepare you:

These are just some tips to help your Black Friday shopping run smooth …

Write Down Everything That You Would Like To Get

free printable black friday shopping listTake some time to really think about all of those items that you have been dreaming about the whole year and write it down.

Plus have an idea of a budget for that day.

If you don’t write it down, chances are you might forget to look for some of those items in the Black Friday flyers.

Also, it’s a good idea to bring a list with you when you are going to the store. I’m not ashamed to walk around with a list in my hand at Walmart. LOL!

For me a paper list is easier than pulling out a phone when it’s busy like that.

I would be so angry with myself if I actually went to the store and forgot to get an item from my list. There would be no way that I would go back and line up again, so I would just have to take the loss.

The same goes for online shopping. Unless there is free shipping (on any amount) I wouldn’t order twice, but that’s just me.

Also, sometimes I try to get Christmas gifts on Black Friday as well. Christmas will just be a few weeks away, so it’s a good idea to save some money on those gifts. If you like you can even buy birthday gifts early as well.

It’s also good to make an overall shopping list with the location of the stores and the sale price so that you can visually prioritize them.

Make a Plan of Action for That Day

Have a mental plan of where you would like to go to first. Of course the most important item on your list would be first, so you would need to find out what time the store opens or when is the earliest time you can purchase it online.

You sometimes don’t have as much time to purchase online as you might think. Many times I’ve gone online and it said it was sold out. So online shopping is just like a physical store as well. You need to know when shopping starts online.

If you will be going to several stores then have an idea of which ones you want to go to first, second, third, etc… And write down the quickest directions to get to the next store beforehand, so that you don’t even have to think about the directions from that store to the next one.

Find out the regular price of the item before it goes on sale

free black friday shopping listI know this one is obvious, but if you don’t write down how much it was before the sale then you really don’t know exactly how much you saved.

If you are only saving a few cents, is it really worth your time lining up to get that item? Chances are you can find that item on sale anytime throughout the year if the savings is only that little.

Plus sometimes I’ve seen some stores say that there is a huge discount, but since I knew the regular price already there wasn’t that big of a discount.

Sometimes the price before seems over inflated. This is because that same item varies from one store to another.

One store might sell something regularly for a dollar and another might sell it regularly for five dollars. So the store that’s selling it for five dollars will say what a huge savings that you are getting, but really you can get it regularly for a dollar somewhere else.

If You Really Want an Item, Find Two Stores That Sell it On Sale Beforehand

There’s nothing worse than getting somewhere only to find out that the item you were looking for is sold out. Then you have to try and remember of another store where you saw this same item on sale.

So make sure you know beforehand of another store that has that item on sale so that you can quickly go there if it gets sold out.

Did I miss any Black Friday shopping tips? Feel free to mention some in the comments below and I will add it to the list.

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Below you will find the free printable Black Friday shopping list in colour and black and white. It’s only meant for personal use. Enjoy your shopping!

free printable black friday shopping list printable in colourfree black friday shopping list printable in black and white







Download Coloured version            Download Black and white version

Both for personal use only.


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