Free Printable Shopping Wish List

a girl shocked with the words free printable shopping wish listHave you ever dreamed of getting something or some things, but at the same time you still want to be good with your money?

This is why I created a free shopping wish list printable. At first I just made it for myself to put it in my planner and then I thought this would be nice to share.

cartoon of a girl shoppingThe free printable is located at the bottom of this article for personal use.

Ok if you are a planner girl, then you know that a lot of us have a “No spend tracker” in our planners. LOL! You know why!

At the same time there are so many cute things that you come across online and when you go out. Sometimes you just want to buy them!

So I started thinking “How can I still think about them and save money?” That is why I came up with a printable called, “My Shopping Wish List.”

So whenever I come across something I like, I put it on my wish list to either get it at the end of the month (if I still want it) or save it for a huge Black Friday sale.

What’s so funny is that sometimes at the end of the month I don’t want it anymore, but I still keep it on my list though! LOL! You never know I might come across a crazy Black Friday sale on it!

So What Is The Point of a Wish List?

There are so many good reasons to keep a shopping wish list. I listed some reasons below.

It Might Prevent Impulsive Shopping

Have you seen something that was nice and just bought it? Then after maybe you might have thought, “Did I really need that?”

Sometimes just by waiting until the end of the month you can tell if you really still want that item or not. Now if there is a sale, just forget what I just said! (I’m joking, LOL! Well maybe…) J

cartoon girl shoppingIt Might Save You Money In The Long Run

So instead of buying the item immediately just put it on your shopping wish list. It gives you some time to think about the item and to see if you really want it.

Sometimes after you have thought about it, you don’t want it any more. Voila, some money was just saved!

Treat Yourself to Something On That Wish List If …

If you have been really good with not spending, you can use that wish list to treat yourself to something nice every now and then. You already know what you want!

Use That Wish List Also as a Birthday or Christmas List

If someone wants to buy you a birthday present or a Christmas present you are ready to go! You don’t even have to think about it. You have your list already.

You Are Ready For Black Friday Sales! LOL!!

Ok, let’s just say this list can also get you ready for Black Friday sales! Or any sales for that matter.

If you really want that item, it will still be on your list and if you wait you might be able to get it on sale.

Have you ever bought something at regular price only to find it on sale later? Then you start thinking, “Aw, I wish I got it on sale!” This is less likely to happen to you if you put it on your wish list, because you just might eventually get it on sale!

So Do You Like The Idea of a Shopping Wish List?

Let me know in the comments below or if you like the printable please give it a “like” on social media. Thanks!

You are in for a treat. I took the extra time to make the colour printable .pdf typeable. So you don’t even have to print it out if you don’t want to. You can save it to your computer and keep typing your list on it.

Or just print it out and put it in your planner.

I made a free printable wish list in a coloured version and two black and white versions. All are meant for personal use. Enjoy!

words free printable shopping wish list


Free Printables Below for Personal Use

Coloured version with fillable form

Black and white

Black and white plain


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