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A cartoon sun with the words free summer bucket list printable

Summer is either coming or is here and you are probably thinking about your summer bucket list. I can’t blame you. I never used to have one, but now I try to add a summer bucket list printable to my planner.

So whenever I open my planner I’m reminded to try out those summer bucket list ideas.

At the bottom of this post is a free summer bucket list printable for you!

Do you need some inspiration?

Here Are Some Summer Bucket List Ideas:

Go to an Amusement Park

roller coaster

I remember when my husband and I went to a large amusement park and we were like kids again. Screaming and laughing as we went down the roller coaster and got flipped upside down. Wow, those monster roller coasters really make you feel alive!

The whole time I had a permanent smile on my face. Well, not always. Some of those waiting lines were really long, but the experience made me feel so happy and alive.

Have some Funnel Cake

funnel cake

It’s summer time and I know I only have funnel cake in the summer. When I went to the amusement park with my husband we shared some funnel cake with strawberries and ice cream on top. It was so yummy!

I can also get funnel cake in my local area. I just have to Google the word funnel cake and put in my city and I will find locations where I can buy it.

Have a Barbeque or Summer Dinner and Invite Someone Over

a barbeque

Some memories are lasting ones and you don’t know why, but it’s how you felt at the moment. One summer day my sister invited my parents and me over for a summer dinner (my husband couldn’t make it). I can still remember it to this day. It’s like I could smell summer in the air.

She put a red and white checkered table cloth on her dining room table. In the center of the table was hot corn on the cob, barbeque chicken, roasted potatoes, a green summer salad and a jug of fresh lemonade. The ambience was unreal. We all had smiles on our faces as we chatted and enjoyed the great food. Then as an extra surprise she made a lovely bread pudding for dessert.

For me that day created great summer memories that I will always remember!

Go For a Bike Ride

a drawing of a woman on a bicycle

I have to admit sometimes I don’t want to go for a bike ride, but it’s summer and it’s time to feel the wind in your hair.

It’s Popsicle Time!

a red white and blue popsicle

Since it’s summer I try to treat myself to some popsicles that I used to have when I was a kid. We used to call them rocket popsicles (they were red, white and blue popsicles). There is something so rewarding about having a popsicle in the summer!

Go To an Outdoor Water Park

a cartoon water slide

Ok, this is one I haven’t done in a while. One year my husband and I went with our friends and it was a lot of fun. It was so fun to watch my husband come down the slide and to see his reaction when he hits the water. Suddenly there was a big splash and then slowly he starts to feel comfortable swimming in the water. Priceless!

Have a Picnic or Go to the Park

various picnic images

Going for a picnic is something I haven’t done in a while. There is a little bit of planning involved. However it’s so nice to pack some food up, go to a lovely scenic park and enjoy the food over there. Of course we clean up after ourselves.

There is something so beautiful about nature. Hearing the birds is like music to your soul!

Go to the Beach

the beach

Almost each summer I keep saying that I’m going to visit a beach. Just to walk on the sand and enjoy the ambience of it all. Now where I live there are four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), so going to the beach is mostly done in the summer. So that is definitely something to put on my summer bucket list.

Go on a Boat Ride

cartoon boat

If you have a local body of water in your area, there is usually an area for a ferry or a boat ride that you can pay for.

Once my husband and I rented a pedal boat for an hour and just pedalled around the water with our feet. That was a fun memory using our feet to power the boat! LOL

Hand Wash your Car

cartoon of a woman washing her car

Now for me, summer is the only time that I like to comfortably hand wash my car. It’s because where I live there are four seasons. It’s like an experience you have to do each summer. It’s only fun once for me and then I have to go through the automatic washes after that! LOL

Site See Something Local in Your Area

road trip a toy car on a map

My husband loves to go for a car ride. So why not make a day trip out of it?

We first do some research to see if we can find some exciting things to do in the area and then we make a day trip out of it. For example, there was a time that we were acting like foodies. We tried new and exciting food in our area. That was fun and yummy at the same time.

Other activities can include going to your local farmer’s market for interesting food or items. It can also mean visiting local sites for something fun and different to do.

I can remember telling my husband that I didn’t know that there were so many things you can do just around your local city. You just have to research it.

Have More Lemonade and Corn on the Cob

lemonade and corn

It’s so nice to have peaches and cream corn especially in the summer. I plan more of my meals with this sweet corn in them.

Also maybe on a Sunday or whenever, I try to have lemonade. Sorry it’s not from scratch it’s from the tin. LOL! What’s great is that my local grocery store carries pink lemonade or just the regular yellow one.

So it doesn’t feel like summer for me unless I have some corn on the cob and drink lemonade.

So in wrapping up…

How Do you get the best summer ever?

Add a summer bucket list printable to your planner! It is a constant reminder to try out those summer ideas.

I have a free summer bucket list printable for personal use below. One is in colour and the other is in black and white.

So how do you plan to spend your summer this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Summer hat and the words Free printable summer bucket list
A printable-free summer bucket list

The artwork in the free printable (below) was by Tanya Kart located at Etsy (affiliate link).

Free Printables Below for Personal Use

Coloured Version:

Summer Bucket list printable in colour

Black and White Version:

summer bucket list printable in black and white


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