My Favourite Planner Girl Resources

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Words planner girl resourcesIf you are a serious planner girl, then you would already know all the planner girl resources that are listed below.

Cartoon of a woman planningEven if you are not new to planning maybe something still might help you out, so take a look and let me know in the comments below if you have any other planner girl resources that you use.

If you are new to the planning community then I hope the resources that I listed will help you out. I’ve been into planners for several years now.

Everything on the list I have personally tried and I like it, so that is why I’m putting it on my list.

My Planner Girl Resource List

*This post might contain affiliate links or ads in which I can make a sales commission at no extra cost to you. For more info click here.


Happy Planners – they were my very first planner that started my planner craze! LOL! Believe it or not I was on Amazon and I first noticed them there so I bought it from Amazon.

Then some time had passed and I finally realized that I could get them from Michaels! The only reason I realized this, was because I was watching Youtube videos on how people decorate their planners. Someone in the video was saying how they got their Happy planner at a Micheals store.

Cartoon of a woman planningI nearly lost my mind, because I have a Michaels store just 15 minutes away from me and I never knew that they sold planners there!

Michaels store – I can remember the first time I went into Michaels I was like a kid in a candy store. I had a permanent smile on my face. I just wanted to click my heels and skip around the place. That’s how happy I was!

Why was I so happy? At the time, I had never seen so many planners and planner accessories in one place!

I saw Happy planners, Michael’s Recollections planners, planners in various sizes, planners in binders, planner cases, Memory planners, Christian planners, fitness planners, budget planners, goal planners, travel notebooks, journals, notebooks, craft supplies and it can go on.

Then at that time you could also use Michaels coupons for an even further discount on them so I was just ecstatic with joy. Needless to say I went overboard, but if you are a planner girl we all have those moments.

Day Designer (affiliate link) – was my first “day planner” that I use to plan out my day on a whole entire page. I was accustomed to weekly planners so I can’t tell you how nice it was to use a daily planner.


Outside box of a day designerI accidently found them online one day when I was surfing the internet. I was online at a bookstore and they were having an amazing sale on them so I picked some up there. Since then I’ve been in love with them. I can’t find them at that online bookstore that I went to anymore, so I put a link to their website.

Inside the day designer boxIt’s an affiliate link, but I’ll show you pictures of mine. You can check their website for local retailers that have it or you can just order it online from them.  I feel like royalty when I use it.

When I received my Day Designer it came in a mint green box with another white box that pulls out like a drawer (see attached picture). These boxes had gold coloured accents on it, so I had to keep these boxes of course. They were too beautiful to throw out.

My Day Designer has a gold coloured coil on the side and gold coloured accents on the cover.

Not only were they beautiful on the outside but I loved the layout on the inside. Each day they give you: a motivational quote, a time schedule, a section with a “to do list”, and other areas as well.

If you go to their website they have a free printable of how their planner looks on the inside, so you can see if you like it.

Inside the day designer box and the day designer

Planner Accessories, Washi, etc…

Cartoon of a woman doing a hobbyMichaels – well it’s the super store for all my planner accessories. If you walk in there you will see what I mean. You have to really look at each isle to see what they are offering.

When I first went to my local Michaels store I went down each isle just to see what goodies that they sell. There are lots of neat items for crafts and also for decorating your home as well.

Dollar Tree – is a dollar store that usually has an arts and crafts section. I’ve bought some beautiful washi tape there, plus stickers and other craft supplies at such a cheap price!

Planner Stickers

Cartoon of a woman blogging or planningEtsy – you can find instant downloadable printable stickers and lots of other goodies there as well. I’m able to just print out a page of stickers on to sticker paper and instantly I have very unique stickers that I can put in my planner.

Some stickers are purely functional which are reminders and others are just cute ones that I put in my planner.

Michaels – you can find Happy planner stickers and so many cute stickers from various companies.

Clear Stamps

Example of how you use clear stampsSimon Says – is a website that carries a huge selection of clear stamps and lots of other interesting craft supplies.

If you are not familiar with clear stamps I’ll explain it to you. A clear stamp is just a clear plastic stamp of a cute image that you put on a block, ink it up with black ink and stamp it into your planner. Or you can stamp it on sticker paper, cut it out and then put it into your planner.

Since it is a clear black and white image, I then use my Tombow markers and colour the stamp in. Other people also use clear stamps to make homemade cards as well.

I figure it’s a nice way of constantly reusing something I like in my planner. Some of my favourite clear stamp companies that I like are The Greeting Farm, The Sassy Club, Lawn Fawn, Hello Bluebird and the list can go on.

The Sassy Club (affiliate link) – was the very first clear stamp company that I started to collect a lot of their clear stamps. I guess you can say they started my clear stamp craze! LOL! Why I like these clear stamps so much is because of their cute kawaii design.

Michael’s – they have a section for clear stamps and ink.

Digital Stamps

Cartoon of a woman craftingEtsy – I’m really loving digital stamps or clipart. A lot of digital stamps/clipart come coloured in already. Or you can print it out to sticker paper and colour it in yourself.

The beauty of it is, since it’s digital you can put it on your computer or phone and store it. With the clear stamps I have to physically store them in a room somewhere. I still love clear stamps, because there are certain designs you can only find in clear stamps.

Free printing or Affordable Printing

HP Instant ink (referral link) – Ok this one is going to be a huge savings for you. A few years ago I discovered that Hewlett Packard has a program that if you buy certain printers that have the “HP Instant ink” capability, then you get a huge deal on ink.

Several years ago I was so frustrated that my ink was costing me the same price as a new printer or printers. So what I did was I spent some time on the internet researching affordable printing solutions and that was when I found out about “HP Instant ink.”

They have a deal that you can print 15 pages for free each month! Or for $2.99 US or $3.99 Cdn per month you can print 50 pages per month. Whenever you run out of ink they will send you a new ink cartridge!

Through wi-fi the printer can tell when it’s running low on ink and it will automatically send out say a colour ink or a black ink when it runs low.

So you can finally print in colour! I used to always print in black and white to save my colour ink. Now if I stick to the 50 pages per month plan, even if I use up all the colour ink per month they will send me a new ink cartridge!

The ink cartridges are usually extra large capacity so I rarely use them up each month. But it’s definitely possible based on what you are printing each month.

illustration of a printerThey have other plans as well for higher pages to print each month. I chose the 50 pages per month plan but you can choose a plan that has say 100 pages per month or more.

*The most important thing to note is that you need to go to their website and check their list of HP printers that can work with their Instant ink program. Not all HP printers work with the “HP Instant ink” program. So you need to check the model before you buy it. It is usually written on the outside of the box.

Usually when you buy a new HP Instant ink printer it comes with a promotion like a free trial of HP Instant ink for a month or for several months depending on the current promotion. After the free trial, then that’s when you are billed per month.

Also just a note, you sometimes have a certain time period to apply for the promotion (sometimes just 7 days after setting up your printer), so don’t take too long. For more details you need to read the instructions that come in the printer box.

You don’t have to use my referral link. If you do, you should get a free additional month of HP Instant ink and so do I for referring you.

Also, most people eventually get a referral link if their account is in good standing, so you can refer other people as well. This is something that I didn’t apply for. I found it in my account when I logged in.

So what do you think of my planner girl resource list? Did you find it helpful? Do you have any ideas that I can add to my list? Let me know in the comments below.


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